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Pozdrawiam --Miedziak12 16:21, maj 20, 2012 (UTC)

wklej to

/* Dzięki pomocy Tworzenie Logo Wiki */
/*strona - tło*/
.mediawiki { 
   background: #000000 url("") no-repeat top center;
    background-attachment: fixed; }
.WikiHeader {
background-image: url(!important;
background-repeat: no-repeat!important;
background-position:right bottom!important;
border-top:1px solid orange;
border-bottom:1px solid orange;
.WikiHeader nav {margin-bottom:-9px!important;}
.WikiHeader nav a {color:#fff!important;}
.WikiHeader nav a:hover {color:orange!important;}
.shadow-mask {visibility:hidden!important;}
.module{background-image: url(!important;
background-repeat: repeat!important;
background-position:top center!important;
/* strona - pole tekstu */
.WikiaPageBackground {
background-image: url(!important;
background-repeat: repeat!important;
background-position:top center!important;}
/*---Edycja sekcji---*/
.editsection {float:right!important; margin-right:2px;}
/*---spis tresci w art---*/
.toc {border:1px solid sienna!important;}
.wikia-button {color:sienna!important;}
.wikia-button:hover {color:sienna!important;}
.wikia-menu-button {color:sienna!important;}
.wikia-menu-button:hover {color:sienna!important;}
.module .wikia-button {color:sienna!important;}
.module .wikia-button:hover {color:sienna!important;}
.wikia-button {background-color:maroon!important;}
.WikiaBlogListingBox ul {border:0px!important;}
.WikiaBlogListingBox h3 {color:maroon!important}
/* by Mat. */

i odpal ThemeDesigner. tam dobierz według uznania kolorki :)   Mat.    Dyskusja   Edycje 19:43, maj 22, 2012 (UTC)

Wielkie dzięki Mat :) --Miedziak12 07:32, maj 23, 2012 (UTC)

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